Philly ETE 2020 Keynote – Nancy Coblenz – How Robotics, Augmented & Virtual Reality Will Make Us Human Again

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We’re entering the next wave of innovation that integrates moment by moment collaboration with robots, cobots, virtual/augmented/mixed realities that today, seem daunting. But in fact, these technologies will allow humans to pass on the mundane tasks and free to tap into what once was the natural state of humans.

The key takeaways are to (1) embrace the future of tech where human emotion, cognition and sociability will be restored to pre-mobile tech era and (2) Emerging tech innovation is now limited by our own imagination, not by hardware/software capabilities.

About Nancy Coblenz

Nancy Coblenz is the CEO of Rebel Role Model, a tactical consulting & implementation firm specializing in sales and marketing strategy, execution and revenue driving initiatives, specifically for high tech companies in ed-tech, robotics, augmented/virtual reality, genetic testing, IOT, smart infrastructure and automotive. In addition, her award winning digital media agency nurtures an online community built with end to end sales lead processes that converts community members into hardcore customers.

Nancy has over 10 years of tactical sales and marketing experience. Currently she is the President of Female Founders of Dallas, International PlayMaker Digital Leader Award Finalist (London/UK), National Women Tech Founders Finalist (in AR/VR), 32 Under 32 Most Innovative in Marketing/Advertising and Ada Lovelace Awards- Digital Leader Finalist.