Philly ETE 2020 – Neel Mitra – Bring IoT and AI Together

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Machine learning and IoT have become commonplace words in the enterprise workplace. Even in our homes we have ML-enabled IoT devices (we’re looking at you, Amazon Alexa). But what does it look like to combine ML and IoT in a production environment?

Join us in a discussion to learn about best practices on how to build highly available, scalable and resilient production-ready IoT solutions using services like AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon Sagemaker and others. You will also see a demo to learn how the rubber meets the road.

About Neel Mitra

Neel Mitra is currently a Specialist Solutions Architect on IoT for the Americas at Amazon Web Services. He is a seasoned leader who spent 15+ years in the industry obsessing about customers across different industry segments such as Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Retail, Automotive, Avionics, and others. A public speaker, Author, and an Evangelist who is passionate about learning emerging Technologies and enabling its adoption with Customers.