Philly ETE 2020 – Sara Kimmich – Rapid Prototyping & Remote Collaboration Enterprise Architecture for Fully Distributed Teams

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This talk provides practical strategies to not only transition but improve the best practices of fully remote development. Rapid Prototyping focuses on implementation that is both iterable and testable so you can demonstrate what works best for you and for your team.

We will demonstrate the tools and structure needed to implement online rapid prototyping when interacting with both a client and internal development to drastically reduce human factors errors in initial product design.

This process provides a discrete toolset for project managers to 1) make the initial product real enough for the client to feel and 2) provide maximum learning per min effort of a development team. Lead developers will learn how to move prototypes of verifiable software architecture into production at 4 levels: context, containers, components, and code.

Whether you are just exploring a career in remote work or looking to improve the productivity of your current software team – this talk will give both the context and the toolsets to implement empirically measurable systems into your remote work process.

About Sara Kimmich

Sara Kimmich is a cognitive scientist by training, and full-stack developer, data scientist and certified scrum master by trade. She focuses on building better-than-agile systems in the workplace. With experience leading teams ranging from small, co-located agile software teams to distributed online teams of nearly a thousand, she teaches practical and quantitative strategies for successful tech development.

She cares about the open web, believes in equal opportunity to education, and is passionate about how the internet can be a force for good in the world. Her methods teach how teams can learn to work fast to get ahead of their own cognitive biases.