Philly ETE 2021 — Doing More by Doing Less: A Loafers Guide to Software Engineering — Leemay Nassery & Matt Hawthorne

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Does looking at your work calendar fill you with excitement and anticipation? Are you able to spend time focusing on the work that is most important and impactful to you and your business? If not, we are here to help.

Jeff Bezos has said that he aims to make 3 decisions per day, and that he schedules all of his high priority meetings between 10am and noon. Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify) has said that he rarely has more than 4 meetings per day, and that his work day doesn’t start until 10:30am. In this talk we’ll illustrate the importance of focusing, delegating, and saying “no” – and how this benefits both you and your team. We’ll address how to change all of the bad time management habits we’ve internalized, from both the software engineer and engineering manager perspectives.

Heavily inspired by Tom Hodgkinson’s book “How To Be Idle: A Loafer’s Manifesto”, we’ll show you how “busy-ness” is a vice, not a virtue – and how the pursuit of “doing less” can result in you accomplishing much more.

About Leemay Nassery

Leemay Nassery is an engineering manager at Spotify working on homepage personalization. Prior to joining Spotify, she led the engineering efforts for personalization and A/B testing on Comcast’s video products.

About Matthew Hawthorne

Matthew Hawthorne is an engineer at Comcast, currently working on messaging systems that drive the customer experience.

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