Philly ETE 2022 — Dirty Data: Cleaning Up the Mess — Harry Foxwell

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Data Analysts and developers are often presented with imperfect datasets that require significant effort to prepare them for accurate analysis and trustworthy results. In fact, more time is often spent cleaning up messy data than performing the analysis, and obviously bad data leads to bad conclusions. This talk will highlight some of the typical “dirty data” problems and will review programmatic solutions to solve them.

About Harry Foxwell

Harry is currently Associate Professor at George Mason University’s Department of Information Sciences and Technology. He earned his doctorate in Information Technology in 2003 from George Mason University’s Volgenau School of Engineering (Fairfax, VA), and has since taught graduate courses there in big data analytics, ethics, operating systems, computer architecture and security, and electronic commerce.

Harry is a Vietnam veteran; he served as a Platoon Sergeant in the US Army’s 1st Infantry Division in 1968-1969. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Bronze Star.

He is also an amateur astronomer and member of the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club. In addition, Harry was a USA Table Tennis (USATT) member and competitive table tennis player, and was also a US Soccer Federation (USSF) soccer referee.

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