Philly ETE 2022 — Dirty Data: Cleaning Up the Mess — Harry Foxwell

Abstract Data Analysts and developers are often presented with imperfect datasets that require significant effort to prepare them for accurate analysis and trustworthy results. In fact, more time is often spent cleaning up messy data than performing the analysis, and obviously bad data leads to bad conclusions. This talk will highlight some of the typical … Read More

Introducing Team Data

This post is a quick primer on the basic titles and skills best suited to fulfill responsibilities along your company’s data pipeline.

15 Minutes With: Sue Springsteen, President of H2O Connected

Today, Tracey Welson-Rossman and Sue Spolan chat with Susan Springsteen, the President of H2O Connected, LLC. H2O Connected is an IoT solution that gives property managers immediate insights into their toilet systems to detect leaks, monitor activity, prioritize repairs, get flooding alerts, and more.