PhillyETE Screencast #13 – Notes from HTML5 Boilerplate and the trenches of front-end development – Nicolas Gallagher

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From the abstract: “HTML5 Boilerplate is an extremely popular front-end template that helps lay the ground work for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. This project is the product of many years of iterative development and combined community knowledge. It tries to be agnostic of any specific, higher-level development philosophy or framework. Rather than adding features, the core project is now significantly smaller than when it was first released. The original creators of the project having long moved on but it continues to evolve and gain in popularity.

With ever increasing numbers of front-end developers collaborating on open source software projects – and moving into corporate software engineering roles – what are some of the successful approaches that projects like HTML5 Boilerplate have taken? This talk will look at a small, focused, open-source project in order to highlight some paths to maintaining “quality” code, facilitating teamwork and creating responsibility, sustaining a community of consumers, and aligning front-end software to the probable future of the web stack.”