PhillyETE Screencast #24 – Culture Hacking – How to make work productive and fun – Dan Mezick

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From the abstract: “Are you frustrated with your organization’s culture? Are you looking for ways to tinker with it, and change it?

We are commonly familiar with hacking software code to repurpose it, and make it do new things. We are far less familiar with the hacking of cultural code to tip our team and our organization in the direction of more learning, fun and productivity at work.

Attend this session to learn specific techniques to immediately and effectively influence culture in your organization:

  • Why your meetings are soul-sucking death marches from hell, and how to fix that
  • How to use agreements, interactions and punctuality to greatly increase the learning of your team & organization
  • Why asking permission is usually always overrated and in most cases may be just plain WRONG

Everyone will exit this session with tools, techniques and links to PDFs and resources for extending the learning in this session.”