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DevNews #64 – We’re older and losing our hair…

Well, Ken is, anyway… A number of interesting topics this week. Topic List Newly OSS’d project Precog: advanced analyics for NoSql Angularjs vs Knockout – a great multi-page post comparing a number of features. Beyond map/reduce – it’s not just about that Google whitepaper. 10 reasons to use AngularJS Cloud provider Nirvanix shuts down An … Read More

TechCast #19 – Cloud Computing Panel Redux

Today’s podcast is a redux of last Friday’s “Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds” panel discussion. Moderated by Ken Rimple (me), our guests were Kortina, a Google App / EC2 Developer Chris Richardson, author of Manning’s POJOs in Action and developer of CloudTools, an EC2 deployment framework Chris Cera, CTO of Vuzit, an Amazon EC2 … Read More

TechCast #13 – Toby DiPasquale on Google, Map-Reduce, Hadoop, Amazon EC2 and more

This week we feature an interview with Toby DiPasquale of Invite Media.  Toby and I discuss the Map-Reduce algorithm, which is the engine that powers Google’s indexing and data processing systems.  We start off by discussing how Google started indexing pages, using traditional methods such as C/C++ routines.  Quickly this became unmanageable, as the amount … Read More