TechCast #19 – Cloud Computing Panel Redux

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Today’s podcast is a redux of last Friday’s “Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds” panel discussion. Moderated by Ken Rimple (me), our guests were

  • Kortina, a Google App / EC2 Developer
  • Chris Richardson, author of Manning’s POJOs in Action and developer of CloudTools, an EC2 deployment framework
  • Chris Cera, CTO of Vuzit, an Amazon EC2 / S3-based product for managing various document formats online
  • Toby DiPasquale – a long-time user of Amazon EC2 and S3

The panel discussed various aspects of cloud computing, including administration, scalability, security, tools and various strategies. It’s a good listen, with lots of interesting debate and dialog.

Enjoy the show. Please email your comments to Show notes will be available within a few days.