IoT Fusion- Enterprise IIoT Edge Processing – Tim Spann

Tim Spann of Hortonworks discusses Apache MiniFi, Nifi, and deep learning tools and techniques with Chariot’s Ken Rimple after the IoT Fusion conference. This screencast includes some live demos of the tooling available via Apache and Hortonworks open source developers. Tim Spann can be reached via Twitter as @PaasDev or via Hortonworks.

Philly ETE 2016 #9 – Srinivas Palthepu – Emergence of Real-Time Analytics: Real-time Analysis of Customer Financial Activities With Apache Flink

In this talk we present a business use case where Capital One needs to process customer activities real-time and react to events appropriately as needed. We then present our experience in building a real-time analytics application that serves the business using a set of open source software frameworks with Apache Flink at its core for real-time stream processing engine.

Philly ETE 2015 – Helena Edelson – Streaming Big Data with Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, Cassandra and Akka

This talk presents Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra and Akka as supporting Lambda architecture in the context of a fault tolerant, streaming big data pipeline. We will walk through the Fault Tolerance story with these technologies to build applications, and how to easily implement and integrate them in a Scala Akka application for real-time delivery of meaning at high velocity, in highly distributed and concurrent environments.

DevNews #10 – Lots of Spring and Java today

As always, social bookmarking on delicious.com for the devnews delicious.com/developernews/10 However, here are the links… Links: EIP ‘Loan Broker’ Reference Implementation (Part 1) | SpringSource Team Blog Guillaume Nodet’s blog: Spring-DM, Aries Blueprint and custom namespaces Ehcache 2.0 Offers Grails Integration & Scaling Without Code Changes | IndicThreads Why doesn’t (JPA, JMS, JTA, EJB, JSF, … Read More