functional programming

Philly ETE 2022 — Native Desktop Apps in Roc — Richard Feldman

Abstract Roc is a bleeding-edge functional programming language built for user-friendliness and performance. Although the language is not ready for production use yet, it has some exciting proof-of-concept capabilities already, most recently including cross-platform native desktop applications. This talk demonstrates how to create native desktop applications in Roc, which compile to optimized binary executables that … Read More

Philly ETE 2020 – Richard Feldman – The Next Paradigm Shift in Programming

Check out our YouTube playlist to watch all the talks from Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise 2020. Abstract Originally, GOTO statements were widespread. Then structured and procedural programming appeared, and now that’s the normal way of doing conditionals, and the previously widespread GOTO statements are widely considered an antipattern. When garbage collection first appeared, it … Read More

Philly ETE 2019 – Richard Feldman – From Rails to Elm and Haskell

Abstract When I joined NoRedInk in 2013, we had a typical Ruby on Rails web application. In 2015 we introduced Elm, a pure functional programming language for building Web UIs, and it spread like wildfire to become our primary tool for front-end programming. In 2019 we have over 300,000 lines of Elm code powering the … Read More

Philly ETE 2019 Keynote – Brian Goetz – FP vs. OOP: Choose Two

Abstract This talk is about the fictitious divisions we invent, and how they harm the progress of our industry. In particular, we’ll look at the supposed tension between Functional Programming and Object-Oriented Programming, and hopefully see that the tension is all in our heads. About Brian Goetz Brian Goetz is the Java Language Architect at … Read More

TechCast #106 – Meet a Charioteer: Anatoly Polinsky

This is the Chariot Solutions TechCast #106, with our new sub-series, Meet a Charioteer. In this series, we round up some of our consultants to talk passion projects, opinions, interesting challenges, and anything and everything in between – tech related, or not. 

Today our host Ken Rimple talks to Anatoly Polinsky. Anatoly has been consulting … Read More

Microservices and the Evolution of Software Architecture

Some recent trends have contributed to the popularity of microservices architectures. This article defines microservices and discusses how they can help tame complexity and improve developer productivity while at the same time providing simplicity and scalability.

Philly ETE 2016 #38 – Adventures in Elm: Events, Reproducibility, and Kindness – Jessica Kerr

This session gives an overview of Elm, then focuses on the Elm Architecture: how it overturns what is essential in object-oriented and even backend functional programming.

Philly ETE 2016 #16 – Alex Miller – Unleash Your Data with Clojure: Using Transducers and Sequences

In this talk we’ll examine Clojure’s approach to data and data transformation, which is built from a foundation of immutable values and persistent collections. Clojure offers several models for transformation of collections – sequences, reducers, and transducers. We’ll compare these to each other and to the status quo to see how the functional approach results in less code, fewer bugs, and greater reuse.

TechCast #90 – Clojure Conj 2015

ClojureConj is the yearly get-together for the Clojure community, and Chariot was a sponsor this year as it happened in our backyard. What follows is a quick conversation with Chariot consultants Dan Boykis, Anatoly Polinsky, and Ron Lusk about their week attending the Conj. We apologize for the noise on the recording – people were … Read More