TechCast #106 – Meet a Charioteer: Anatoly Polinsky

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This is the Chariot Solutions TechCast #106, with our new sub-series, Meet a Charioteer. In this series, we round up some of our consultants to talk passion projects, opinions, interesting challenges, and anything and everything in between – tech related, or not.

Today our host Ken Rimple talks to Anatoly Polinsky. Anatoly has been consulting for Chariot for over 7 years now, most recently working with functional programming languages like Clojure. Anatoly and Ken chat about problem-solving, the unique role of a developer, Clojure, REPLs, having kids, and why so many software folks seem to also be talented musicians.


Show Notes

  • Growing up in the Ukraine and how Anatoly got into programming, and which languages sparked and nurtured his interest.
  • Getting theoretical: the concept of language as a tool, and why it’s secondary to reality and understanding problems and people.
  • The unique position of a development consultant in the triangle of problem solving and implementation.
  • Clojure, data, functional programming, dabbling in Rust, and why the REPL is one of Anatoly’s favorite tools.
  • Open-source projects Anatoly has committed to or is currently maintaining – and his GitHub account.
  • Having kids! What it means to be a good parent, winging it, and learning piano with his son.
  • A recent debate Anatoly had with his mathematician friend.
  • The musical tie-in – why so many software developers seem to also be musicians, and Anatoly and Ken’s thoughts on the relationship between science, math, and music.