Android Data Sync

If you have an Android app that 1) reads and/or writes data from a SQLite database and 2) needs to update that data periodically from another source, say a RESTful web service then one approach you can take is to hook into the Android Sync Service. I recently created an Android project with a Sync Adapter to consume and publish data to a simple Go RESTful web service and I’d like to share what I’ve learned.

Go Go Golang

Eric Snyder recently wrote a post about comparing Clojure and Go on his blog.

“There are 2 programming languages that I am into at the moment, Clojure and Go (http://golang.org). They seem to be opposites of each other in many ways, how can I love both?”

PhillyETE Screencast #28 – Why are there Go programmers? – Blake Mizerany


From the abstract: “Go programmers come from backgrounds you would likely not expect. The language was originally marketed as a “Systems Language”. But rather than being mostly composed of C and C++ programmers, many Go programmers come from Ruby, Python, Javascript, Erlang, and other popular dynamic languages; Much more than the Go authors had anticipated. … Read More