Introduction to Backbone.js with jQuery Mobile

If you are working on a JavaScript heavy application (think jQuery Mobile, etc.), you probably will want to look at some JavaScript libraries to help add structure, consistency and convenience to your applications. One of the JavaScript libraries I’ve used lately is Backbone.js. To quote Backbone themselves, it provides “models with key-value binding and custom … Read More

HTML 5 Offline Applications with JQuery Mobile

I can’t believe it is a month since our last post.  Vacation got in the way, but our consultants have been blogging on various topics.  There is some catching up to do over the next week. New to the blogsphere is John Shepard.  John recently posted around JQuery ad HTML5, and what he has been … Read More

Debugging PhoneGap and JavaScript

This is a “reprint” of a guest blog post on the PhoneGap blog, by our resident PhoneGap expert, Hiedi Utley.  Hiedi tackles debugging JavaScript on PhoneGap. If you have ever written any JavaScript and tried to get it working on a mobile phone then spent hours banging your head against the wall because it just … Read More

PhoneGap Tutorial Series – #6 Writing Your Own Plugin

This is the last of the series Hiedi Utley has written on PhoneGap.  I hope you have found the series helpful.  We hope to have more of this type of blog post in the future to help with developing mobile applications. How to Create Your Own PhoneGap Plugin Today’s topic is about creating your own … Read More

Extending the PhoneGap API

Here is the third installment of Hiedi Utley’s series on PhoneGap.  We hope you are finding this series helpful as you learn more about developing for mobile applications. Extending the PhoneGap API If you’ve had a chance to play with PhoneGap a bit, chances are you have wanted it to do something that it doesn’t … Read More

Mobile Design Part 3

The next installment of Kevin Griffin’s blog on Mobile Design. Cognitive Effort. In this installment of my thoughts on mobile design, I thought we would take a look at the concept of ‘cognitive effort’. I think I first heard that term used in reference to design from William Van Hecke (@fetjuel) when he spoke at … Read More

Philly ETE 2011 mobile line up!

This post is via Kevin Griffin, Chariot Architect and committee chair of the Mobile tract for ETE: Philly ETE 2011 mobile line up! Just thought I would post an update on the current lineup for Philly ETE. I’ve been involved in helping get the mobile track lineup sorted out and so far we have confirmed … Read More