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A Look Back to Philly ETE 2022

A killer keynote by Cory Doctorow, a lively audience, and lots of new tech: here’s what our team enjoyed most about Philly ETE 2022.

15 Minutes With: The ETE 2020 Team

The Mid-Atlantic’s Premier Developer’s Conference, Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise moved live online — due to COVID-19. Learn how our team took the live conference to virtual in 45 days.

Philly ETE 2019 – Lindsay Salisbury – Containers at Facebook

Abstract At FB, we run containers with Linux, Btrfs and systemd. But how does this approach work at scale, and what is the philosophy behind this approach? In this talk, I will dive into the details of these components, including: Advanced details of btrfs and the benefits of a composable file system on a high-traffic … Read More

Philly ETE 2019 – Dan Boykis – Lightning Talk: Cassandra Tips

Lightning Talks at Philly ETE 2019 This is one of the many lightning talks given at Philly ETE 2019. To see a compilation of all the lightning talks together, you can head here. About Dan Boykis Dan Boykis is a developer working for Chariot Solutions building low latency web services, mostly in Java and Clojure. … Read More