Philly ETE 2019 – Lindsay Salisbury – Containers at Facebook

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At FB, we run containers with Linux, Btrfs and systemd. But how does this approach work at scale, and what is the philosophy behind this approach? In this talk, I will dive into the details of these components, including:

  • Advanced details of btrfs and the benefits of a composable file system on a high-traffic network
  • How we use systemd on the host and inside a container
  • New Linux kernel features such as cgroupv2 and bpf

About Lindsay Salisbury

Lindsay Salisbury has been involved in developing scalable infrastructure for over 10 years, having worked in environments ranging from early stage SaaS startups, traditional colocation data center providers, to large scale infrastructure at Netflix, Amazon, and now Facebook. He is an infrastructure enthusiast and finds joy in working on large complex systems and finding new and innovative ways of building systems that scale as companies and customers grow.