TechChat Tuesdays #50: ETE 2022 Keynote, Elizabeth Adams

It’s our 50th episode! We welcome an extraordinary guest, Elizabeth Adams! Elizabeth Adams was one of our keynote speakers at Philly ETE 2022 this year. She is the Global Chief AI Culture & Ethics Officer of Women in AI, and a Forbes “15 AI Ethics Leaders Showing The World The Way Of The Future.” Host … Read More

TechCast #108 – Carol Nichols on Rust

Overview Carol Nichols is a Rust core team member who consults and trains Rust in Pittsburgh, PA. She is speaking at Philly Emerging Tech 2019 – her talk is Rust, a Language for the Next 40 Years. Carol got involved in Rust when she was working on tuning Ruby application and wrote some C routines … Read More

TechCast #91 – Brent Vatne on React Native

Today’s TechCast features Brent Vatne, who explains how the React Native framework can be used to build applications in both iOS and Android using JavaScript and CSS. We talk about how Brent got started on the project, how he prefers React Native to iOS and Android native development, and how it stacks up compared to … Read More

TechCast #77 – Adobe’s Fil Maj on PhoneGap and – cross-platform Mobile

This week’s interview features Fil Maj, of Adobe’s PhoneGap project. PhoneGap is a cross-device runtime platform for hosting HTML and Javascript applications on tablets, phones and other hand-held devices. Chariot’s consulting practice director Don Coleman joins us as he’s worked with Phil on phone gap and plugins, so he lends a hand guiding the conversation. … Read More

ETE 2012 – Rob Spectre – How to Build a Cloud-Powered Karaoke Machine

From the abstract: Infrastructure-as-a-service can reduce your scale problems to triviality, lower the capital expenditure of your product launch, and other great buzz phrases. But can it help you rock the mic on karaoke night? Rob Spectre from Twilio finds out by live coding a karaoke machine from an empty project.