TechCast #108 – Carol Nichols on Rust

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Carol Nichols is a Rust core team member who consults and trains Rust in Pittsburgh, PA. She is speaking at Philly Emerging Tech 2019 – her talk is Rust, a Language for the Next 40 Years.

Carol got involved in Rust when she was working on tuning Ruby application and wrote some C routines to be called from Ruby itself. She found Rust and changed her career to focus on it.

She saw the value of writing code in a language that can be as powerful as C but as safe to write as a higher level language. We talk about how Rust has advantages over C in areas like managing memory, its strong compiler checks to prevent usage errors, and some of the common uses of the language in the wild. Tooling is also discussed.

In this TechCast, we talk about some of the key topics in her Manning video series Rust in Motion, such as dealing with variables, ownership and borrowing, error handling and lifetimes.