Mobile App Development

When doing it right the first time is the only option

Chariot's architects have been working with smartphones and tablets since the beginning. With a detailed understanding of each mobile platform and each upcoming release, we can build best-in-class mobile applications right from the start.

Working Prototype

Skip the time and cost of a clickable PowerPoint, and go directly to a prototype that runs on an actual mobile device. It doesn't have to cost any more!

Platform Readiness Assessment

Will mobile OS upgrades disrupt your business? What if a new device or form-factor is released? Will your applications perform as designed? 

For less than $5K and in short time (usually less than a week), one of our senior mobile architects will review your application and provide you with a report of concerns in a prioritized ranking of severity. Learn more...

Minimum Viable Product

Our mobile experts can work with you to release just enough product to get to market, measure user experience and needs, and incrementally upgrade on a regular basis.

New Product

Existing staff too busy? We can build a new mobile app from the ground up.

Rescue Mission

If you have a semi-working product but it's buggy and doesn't perform, we can take it over and turn it around.

Mentoring Kickstart

We can get existing teams up to speed with the latest tools, frameworks, and best practices for mobile development.


We can both validate existing apps against new OS releases, and port apps from one platform to another, whether iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry.

PhoneGap Plugins

We've built PhoneGap plugins for VOIP, NFC, Bluetooth, customizing a platform's look and feel, and more. We can help multi-platform PhoneGap apps take full advantage of each handset you target.