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  /   Mar 06, 2015

DevNews #96 – ng-conf 2015 – day 1 recap – Angular 2, 1.4 and more

Salt Lake City, Utah, is a beautiful place to have a conference. The organizers must realize that, as they planned ski trips and other events all around the show. That said, I've been locked up in my hotel room for the most part digesting what I've learned in Day 1. There is a live stream […]

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  /   Feb 18, 2015

DevNews #95 – We talk about new AWS services, Angular JS 2.0 surfaces, and the Apple Car is a thing?

In this episode, we talk about Waitr and Protractor, two Jasmine WebDriver APIs, Angular 2.0 surfaces, we talk about Apple's self-driving car, and discuss a bunch of new Amazon AWS features including Cloud Trail for Route53 and health checks. Stay to the end for our silly Apple Car jokes.

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  /   Feb 04, 2015

DevNews #94 – The triumphant return (again) – Windows all over the place, Chrome 41 beta, Raspberry Pi and more

We talk about the Raspberry Pi quad-core Windows-capable $35 computer, Windows everywhere, Chrome 41 beta and its march to ECMAScript 6, and much more. Also we give you a preview of Philly ETE - an amazing conference - now in early bird registration for just $410.

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  /   Dec 10, 2014

TechCast #84 – AngularJS creator Misko Hevery on Angular 2.0 and team on Amy Ingram, A/I calendar assistant

Today's show features the creator of the landmark Javascript framework, AngularJS. I spoke to Misko Hevery about the rise of Angular in our current, "Good Parts JS" ECMAScript 5 world, how it evolved, and his focus on the next chapter, Angular 2.0. My second guests, Alex Poon and Matt Casey, have created the AI-based digital assistant, Amy Ingram, for coordinating meeting schedules by reading and responding to real email texts and learning your preferences.

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  /   Nov 24, 2014

DevNews #93 – Angular 2.0 news, Ember reaches 1.8.0, and Minecraft to learn programming?

Gource -- open source visualization tool, example Haydle visualization Ember 1.8.0 -- the move to HTMLBars React.js: How does it fit in with everything else? GitHub Enterprise on AWS At AWS ReInvent this week - AWS Lambda - cloud computing functionally- oh and there’s support for Docker via containers Rob Eisenberg leaves Angular team Khan […]

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  /   Nov 10, 2014

DevNews #91 – What we know about Angular 2.0 (so far)

If you've been working with Angular a lot recently, you may have received word about a set of potentially breaking changes in the next major version, 2.0. In this podcast, Ken Rimple, Don Coleman and Joel Confino discuss Angular 2.0, the reason for these changes, and some of the potential impact.

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  /   Sep 29, 2014

DevNews #90 – The semi-triumphant return with ShellShock, Layers or No, AngularJS rethinks, more

Finally, we might be seeing the end of stupid software patents The potential downside of the internet of things? As if on cue, ShellShock is a bash vulnerability. A big one Here’s some fun for discussion - Why you should not implement layered architecture - ducking before the clots of dirt fly... We had to […]

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  /   Aug 12, 2014

TechCast #83 – Andres Almiray on AsciiDoc and Markdown

We talk to Andres Almiray, Griffon creator, about AsciiDoctor, the new tool for converting AsciiDoc documents to PDF, as well as other formats and tools. Major topics include features of asciidoc documents, code snippets, formatting and indentation, book generation, and more.

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  /   Jul 29, 2014

The DevNews is on Vacation… See you in September!

Hey there, DevNews fans! We are taking a much-needed break for the month of August, as the news tends to be a bit thin and our vacations are in the mix. We'll be back on the case in September, bringing you the developer news and chat you've come to expect from us. Happy summer, and […]

  /   Jul 08, 2014

DevNews #89 – We drag Jamie Allen into the fray for some Reactive Commentary

Our old pal Jamie Allen was in the neighborhood talking this-and-that about Scala, Akka and other sundry Typesafe products, so we roped him in to do the DevNews.

Jamie is currently working with Roland Kuhn on Reactive Design Patterns.

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