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  /   Nov 13, 2015

DevNews #102 – TACO, terrible testing, and party comets

Today I'm joined by Chariot consultants Sujan Kapadia (@SlurpeeOperator) and Eric Snyder to recap what we deemed to be this week's exciting tech news. Upcoming Events Chariot is sponsoring Clojure Conj, to be held on Nov 16-18 at the Sheraton Dock Street in Philadelphia. We are also co-sponsoring the HazelCast User Group Meetup on November […]

  /   Oct 10, 2015

DevNews #101 – Return of the tin foil hat brigade

It's the long-awaited return of DevNews! Today, Jeff Labonski and I talk all things tech in our first ever live-streaming YouTube show. Upcoming Events November 10th - Don Coleman's Bluetooth Low Energy workshop. Walk away with your own Arduino hardware. Chariot is sponsoring Clojure Conj, to be held on Nov 16-18 at the Sheraton Dock […]

  /   Aug 24, 2015

TechCast #89 – Bill Mensch on the Microcomputer Revolution

Who knew that Chariot had a microcomputer revolutionary connected to a consultant on our staff? Turns out, we do. Bill Mensch co-invented the 6502 processor, the chip that launched the Apple 1, Commodore VIC-20, and many other devices - all in our backyard.


  /   Jun 15, 2015

DevNews #100 – Strap on your tin foil hats, it’s our 100th show!

Upcoming Philly Area Events June 20 - Old City, Philadelphia - Ken Rimple @ LibertyJS doing an AngularJS for beginners workshop in the AM June 18 - Agile Philly - Strafford, PA - Exploratory Testing for Mobile Devices June 24 - Agile Philly - Center City, Philadelphia - Agile Transitions June 18 - CocoaHeads - […]

  /   May 30, 2015

DevNews #99 – Docker vulnerabilities, saying hello to Java 9 and farewell to Windows server 2003

Today we welcome Jeff Labonski on the show to discuss this week's developer news. User group announcements: Philly PostgreSQL Meetup on June 4th - Replication Slots: The Game Changer I will be Speaking at the Scotch Plains Java User Group (of the ACGNJ) - Tuesday June 9th, 7:30PM - about ES6 now Wednesday June 17 […]

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  /   May 07, 2015

DevNews #98 – The scoop: Selerity scoops Twitter earnings, prankster scoops Fiorina’s domain name

DevNews is nearing its 100th episode! We may or may not have something up our sleeves to celebrate our ripe old age... but until then, listen as Joel and I discuss: Oops, Carly Fiorina - someone registered your domain name before you did - criticism by domain name Angular 2.0 getting started guides now available […]


  /   Apr 10, 2015

DevNews #97 – Day 1 of Philly ETE 2015

Annnnnnd ETE begins! Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise is Chariot's annual tech conference for developers, by developers. To kick off our coverage, I sat down with two of our consultants, Michael Pigg and Sujan Kapadia, to discuss our day, talk about talks, and geek out about all the cool new toys we can't wait to […]

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  /   Apr 01, 2015

TechCast #88 – ETE Speaker Mike Hartington Talks Swift, Ionic, and more

Ionic is a cordova-based mobile application development framework. Using AngularJS as the core web framework, sass for CSS simplification, and the ngCordova library, Ionic makes building cross-device applications easier. We talked to Mike about Drifty's earlier tools such as Codiqa, how they came up with Ionic, and about its use of Angular and other technologies. […]

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  /   Mar 31, 2015

TechCast #87 – ETE Speaker Colin Eberhardt Talks Swift & Reactive Cocoa

Colin Eberhardt is a 2015 Philly Emerging Tech speaker who will address Swift and ReactiveCocoa. Swift debuted last year as a replacement developer language for Objective-C on apple's platforms. ReactiveCococa is a framework developed by GitHub to handle any kind of asynchronous activity in the Cocoa platform. Colin makes the case that while Swift is […]

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  /   Mar 25, 2015

TechCast #86 – Monica Beckwith and Jamie Allen on Java Performance Tuning

On the show today, Java Performance tuning expert Monica Beckwith. Monica worked at Sun and Oracle as a performance engineer, and contributed a lot of optimizations and tuning advice to the JDK Hotspot team. She is an Performance Tuning consultant today, working on advising clients on how to best balance aspects such as throughput, latency, […]

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