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  /   Apr 27, 2016

TechCast #99 – James Roper on Scala

On today's TechCast, Sujan Kapadia talks to yet another Scala person: James Roper (@jroper). Previously a core team member of the Play framework, James is now the tech lead of Lagom, a new Java-oriented micro-services framework introduced by Lightbend. He discusses it in depth in his ETE talk, Rethinking REST in a Microservices World, as well as in this conversation with Sujan.

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  /   Apr 26, 2016

TechCast #98 – Adriaan Moors on Scala

On today's TechCast, Sujan Kapadia talks to Adriaan Moors. Previously a language research student, he is currently the Scala Tech Lead at Lightbend, and self-proclaimed "compiler whisperer." His talk, Scala 2.12 and Java 8: More Fun Together!, was extremely well-received at Philly ETE. In it, Adriaan talks about the interoperability between Scala's newest release and […]


  /   Apr 21, 2016

TechCast #97 – Heather Miller on Scala

On today's TechCast, Sujan and Ken talk to Heather Miller. Previously a student under Martin Odersky, she is currently Executive Director of the Scala Center, as well as a research scientist at EPFL. Her talk, Academese to English: A Practical Tour of Scala’s Type System, was extremely well-received at Philly ETE. In it, Heather tried […]


  /   Apr 18, 2016

TechCast #96 – Philly ETE Happy Hour Chat

In this episode of the TechCast, Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia talk to five speakers of Philly ETE - Mike Hartington of Drifty, Jeff Labonski of Chariot Solutions, Martin Snyder of Wingspan, Alex Miller, co-author of Clojure Applied and organizer of The Strange Loop conference, and Andrea Falcone of Twitter.

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  /   Apr 09, 2016

TechCast #95 – Doc Norton on Agile Metrics – “Velocity is Not the Goal”

An outspoken critic of the way I.T. companies organize their projects, Doc Norton will be a speaker at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. His talk is called Agile Metrics: Velocity is NOT the Goal. His company, CTO2, helps companies implement Agile development practices. Today, Ken and Doc discuss some of Doc's most recent opinion pieces […]


  /   Apr 07, 2016

TechCast #94 – Luke Wagner on WebAssembly

Luke Wagner is a research engineer at Mozilla, the makers of Firefox and the shepherds of the JavaScript language specification, known as ECMAScript and managed by the famous TC-39 subcommittee. Luke and his group are working on building a specification for and implementation of a binary runtime for the web. Known as WebAssembly, this runtime […]

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  /   Mar 25, 2016

TechCast #93 – Ari Lerner on Angular 2

Ari Lerner is an author, teacher, and developer who founded and develops the ng-book and ng-book 2 on Angular 1 & 2. Ken speaks to Ari about TypeScript, observables, and Angular 2, as well as the adoption curve of the new framework. Ari will be a speaker at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. His […]

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  /   Feb 26, 2016

TechCast #92 – Steve Klabnik on Rust

This week, we talk to Rust Core Developer and upcoming Philly Emerging Tech Speaker Steve Klabnik. Steve wrote the Rust guide and contributes to the Rust documentation, and has been a core team member since December of 2014. Steve will be a speaker at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. His talk is called Rust in […]

  /   Feb 10, 2016

TechCast #91 – Brent Vatne on React Native

Today's TechCast features Brent Vatne, who explains how the React Native framework can be used to build applications in both iOS and Android using JavaScript and CSS. We talk about how Brent got started on the project, how he prefers React Native to iOS and Android native development, and how it stacks up compared to […]

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  /   Feb 01, 2016

DevNews #103 – Hello Chakra, Sayonara IE

Show Notes Microsoft opens all of your chakras by open-sourcing the core of MS Edge Javascript renderer, Chakra. Tin foil hat portion of our show: Remote Code execution on Trend Micro. This is currently plugged, but still interesting. We also learn that when Jeff visits the dark corners of the internet... for recipes... he always […]

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