Businesses from large to small all share a common challenge, integrating heterogeneous systems across the enterprise. As an organization grows, so does the supporting IT infrastructure resulting in an increasingly complex array of dissimilar technologies and platforms. Systems integration is an ongoing challenge that faces IT managers and having the right tools and strategy to solve the problem is essential.

Chariot understands that helping businesses solve integration needs requires a flexible approach that is the 'right fit' for various kinds of projects. We follow a disciplined process for solving business integration needs. Chariot's architects utilize various technologies and techniques such as RESTful programming, Web Services, ESBs, JSON/XML and other open data formats to provide maintainable interfaces for disparate systems.

Whether implementing a simple messaging layer, enabling external web or mobile access to your applications and data, providing enterprise-wide solutions, we leverage our collective knowledge and experience, in order to create the most innovative solutions for our clients. Chariot has the depth and experience to respond to your unique integration challenges and opportunities.

Chariot's iterative approach helps identify and solve problems along the way, from the identification of business goals all the way through implementation.