Becca Refford

IoT on AWS: A Philly Cloud Computing Event

In this one-day event on November 6, 2019 we’ll present a high-level overview of the steps involved in building an IoT data pipeline. Optional (and highly encouraged hands-on workshop follows for an additional fee).

Monthly Meetups: September

Check out our monthly roundup of dev groups, meetups, and other special events happening in and around Philly’s tech community.

TechCast #113 – Talk Tech To Me: Eric Snyder

Episode 1: Eric Snyder, Chariot Solutions Talk Tech to Me is a series that explores the inside track of cutting-edge tech. Our first guest is Eric Snyder. He’s a software architect at Chariot Solutions. He and his team were hired by a global media and technology company that’s based in Philadelphia. They serve tens of … Read More

Chariot Solutions Receives Philadelphia Inquirer’s Corporate Philanthropy Award

Chariot Solutions, the greater Philadelphia’s leading enterprise application and mobile development consulting firm, is proud to announce that they are the recipient of Philadelphia Inquirer’s 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Award. Chariot was named a winner of the Most Charitable Award – Volunteerism. Chariot CEO Michael Rappaport was on hand to receive the award at the Inquirer’s … Read More

TechCast #112 – ETE 2019 Keynote Brian Goetz

In this episode, TechCast host Ken Rimple and Chariot consultant Will Vuong are in conversation with Brian Goetz. Brian heads up the Java language team at Oracle, and is one of our two keynotes for the year at Philly ETE 2019.  Ken and Will ask Brian about where the language is headed in version 13, … Read More

Philly ETE 2019 – Brian Goetz – Java Futures, Early 2019 Edition

Abstract Since last ETE, we’ve seen two more major versions of the JDK! What’s changed in the last year, and what’s coming down the road? Join Java Language Architect Brian Goetz in a whirlwind tour of just some of the features coming to Java next. About Brian Goetz Brian Goetz is the Java Language Architect … Read More

Philly ETE 2019 – Jay McGavren – The Go Language: What Makes it Different?

Abstract The Go programming language emphasizes simplicity and speed. Common programming mistakes are detected by the compiler. The language itself encourages proper error handling. It has first-class concurrency support using goroutines and channels. And on top of all this, Go offers lightning-fast compilation and execution. This talk will cover all the unique features that could … Read More

Philly ETE 2019 – Lindsay Salisbury – Containers at Facebook

Abstract At FB, we run containers with Linux, Btrfs and systemd. But how does this approach work at scale, and what is the philosophy behind this approach? In this talk, I will dive into the details of these components, including: Advanced details of btrfs and the benefits of a composable file system on a high-traffic … Read More