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re:Invent Recap

Chariot’s AWS Practice Lead, Keith Gregory, recaps his experience at Amazon’s re:Invent conference in 2019.

IoT on AWS, a recap

If you weren’t able to attend our IoT on AWS one-day conference, here’s a recap.

ng-conf 2018 day #1 – The triumph of the enterprise SPA

Ken’s take on ng-conf 2018. Dispatch #1 from the opening day of the conference, where the talks include a keynote on the future of Angular, Schematics and the CLI, Angular Elements, security vulnerabilities, SEO, and the Ivy renderer.

Scala By The Schuyllkill Recap

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending the Scala by the Schuylkill conference at Comcast headquarters in downtown Philadelphia. Initially begun as an internal Scala conference, the organizers opened the conference this year to external folks interested in Scala. I learned a lot from this event, gaining perspective on trends in the Scala community and sparking curiosity in several interesting applications of the Scala language.

Social Engineering at DEFCON

Hello, Dave? My name is Larry Smith and I am calling from WZT, the company handling RTD’s HR. There have been a number of complaints regarding the on-boarding process. Now how long have you been with this company? – Three months. Ok, great, so when you started what kind of training were you provided? – … Read More

Angular 2 RC1 and more announced – ng-conf 2016 recap

Well, another ng-conf has come and gone, and this one produced the first official release candidate of Angular 2.0 (RC1). There were tons of things happening here at the conference, and I know I can't give you a complete rundown, but here are a few big highlights. The big release – Angular 2.0.0-RC1 Yep, it's … Read More

Java One 2015

See what John Shepard noted from the 2015 Java One conference sessions he attended.

ng-conf 2015 – Misko Hevery's Angular 2.0 Keynote – syntax, approach

We start our coverage of ng-conf 2015 with day 2's keynote by Misko Hevery, because that's what everyone had been waiting for since the debut of 2.x at his keynote back at ng-conf Europe. This time, Misko laid out the rationale for the platform rewrite quite clearly, explaining that it was driven by developer productivity needs and performance.

Northeast Scala Symposium 2015

The Northeast Scala Symposium just wrapped up in Boston. The Northeast Scala Symposium just wrapped up in Boston. I braved the snow, ice, and bitter cold with Don Coleman, Al Iacovella, Nicolas Kijak, and Ken Rimple and lived to tell about it. We’ve collected highlights from a few of our favorite sessions in this blog post.