15 Minutes With: Sue Springsteen, President of H2O Connected

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Today, Tracey Welson-Rossman and Sue Spolan chat with Susan Springsteen, the President of H2O Connected, LLC.

H2O Connected is an IoT solution that gives property managers immediate insights into their toilet systems to detect leaks, monitor activity, prioritize repairs, get flooding alerts, and more.

H2O partnered with Chariot Solutions to build the dashboard for this newly patented technology – the data-driven interface that property managers use to get insights and make decisions quickly, in a fully remote way.

Tracey, Sue and Sue discuss the business of H2O: what’s the target market, and what kind of demand are they seeing? Then, they talk tech: the considerations made when building out the dashboard, and how the teams handled collecting, prioritizing, and managing data water data.

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