15 Minutes With: Tom Purcell on Developers and Designers

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In this episode, Pete Fleming, our Head of Product & UX Design at Chariot Solutions, talks to Tom Purcell, one of Chariot’s very talented consultants, about how developers create better software when they partner with designers.

Tom’s been in software since 1985, and has lived through many waves of languages, architectures, methodologies, and frameworks. As a seasoned expert, and as someone who has worked both with and without a design team, Tom brings a unique perspective to the conversation.

First, Tom talks about what benefits he’s seen from working with designers: from the beauty of a clickable prototype, to the way he sees designers bridge the gap between the client’s business needs, and the developer’s requirements. Tom also touches on the challenges of working with a designer: how do you prevent a team from writing a check they can’t cash?

Lastly, Pete and Tom discuss how symbiosis between development and design teams leads to less assumptions, more productive conversations, and a firmer ground for agreement between client and business.

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