How To Promote Design Culture

Design in business is awesome and often misunderstood There are countless benefits of investing in design for digital products, from solving the right problems to increasing customer spending. Companies like Apple have proven design’s importance to success and market value, but that’s not enough for many companies.  Unlike sales or marketing, seeing direct numbers tied … Read More

Talk Tech To Me – User Centered Software Design

Here is Sue Spolan’s summary of my Talk Tech To Me interview: User Centered Software Design: The Secret to Success  Consumers interact with software many times a day. It might be a mobile app like Instagram, or a web app like Gmail, and while users don’t think a whole lot about the underlying design, it’s … Read More

How to supercharge your wireframes

Why go to the effort? The thought and preparation that go into wireframes make a drastic difference on the outcome. Wireframes come in a spectrum of resolutions, but the important thing is to find the right balance of fidelity, examples, and annotation for the project and team. Wireframes should be thought of as sketches for … Read More

Jumping in Mid-Project (Insights from a Designer)

Intro Joining a project after it has already started is no easy task, especially when the project is launching a complicated enterprise application with a short deadline. Here are the take-aways from my experience when I was hired to join a team and lead design halfway through the build of an e-commerce site. Getting Started … Read More

Watching Avengers with Subtitles: A Lesson in Accessibility

While watching Avengers: Infinity War for the tenth time (I’m a bit of a fan), I had this realization: designing for accessibility not only helps those with special needs but when done properly it enriches the experience for everyone. I’ll explain… In case you’ve missed the 20 plus Marvel movies released in the past ten … Read More

Philly ETE 2019 – Peter Fleming – Less Code, More Impact! A Workshop

Abstract Let’s have some fun! No prior design experience required. This will be a lively, interactive exercise where we explore a user-centric and pencil-first approach to software design & development. In this hands-on workshop we will walk through some tried-and-true methods to: Listen to users to ensure we are focusing on their needs Wireframe to … Read More

Philly ETE 2017 #17 – Building Better Teams to Build Better UX (Panel)

Today’s business and technology leaders understand that a good user experience (UX) is a leading factor in product success and customer happiness. Popular dogma says that cross-functional, autonomous agile teams are the way to achieve great UX — but this isn’t always true. This panel of designers, developers, and tech leaders will discuss the sources … Read More