Java at 25: Additional Resources


If you attended our event, Java at 25, you might have your appetite whetted for more videos we’ve done with our friends in the Java and open source community. Let’s take a look back at some key Java talks we’ve produced:

Oracle’s Java Language Architect, Brian Goetz: ETE Talks and Podcast Episodes

Other Relevant Java Talks

We’ve also had other big names in the Java field (as well as our own consultants) on our podcasts and events talking about Java for many years. Here’s a small list of relatively recent highlights. You can search our blog, screencasts, and presentation PDF archives for more!

Rod Johnson

Our 2012 interview with Rod Johnson, father of the Spring Framework, and founder of Atomist, covered his thoughts on Scala as an alternate language on the JVM. broken into two parts (one) (two), it’s an interesting look into the way he approached developing Spring and then how he was advising the Scala team on their future directions.

And there is so much more. You can head over to our YouTube Channel where we’ve put our content in categories based on show, or subscribe to the Chariot TechCast on iTunes, the Amazon podcast store, Spotify or via our RSS feed on the page.