Science of Big Data – Sessions Coming Online

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If you didn’t attend last month’s “Science of Big Data” event in downtown Philadelphia, not to worry. We’re beginning to post screencasts of the sessions now:  The Science of Big Data – Screencast Sessions.

Currently we have two – Basho’s Tom Santero discusses “Eventual Consistency” and outlines the challenge of keeping data highly available and consistent enough without impacting performance.

The second screencast is the combination of Chariot’s Andrew Oswald and Comcast’s Josh Angotti’s talks. Andy reviews the work that our team did for Comcast using Hadoop in analyzing set-top box users’ click selections, and reducing the timeframe of finding answers from days to hours or minutes. Josh Angotti tells the story from Comcast’s perspective.

More screencasts are expected soon – we had some video syncing difficulties and audio challenges so it’ll take a bit to get them all online. Check the page soon for talks by Cliff Moon of Boundary, Stuart Sierra of Relevance, and Mark J. Headd, the Philadelphia Chief Data Officer.