Single-Page Application (SPA) Day

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November 28, 2018 – $80

Learn about Full-Stack JavaScript application development from Chariot Solutions. We’ll show you how to wield frameworks like Angular, React, Express, HAPI, and how to use Node to build, test, and deploy your apps. Still use Java in the Enterprise? No problem! We’ll discuss using Spring Boot as well. We’ll wrap up with a panel discussion and take your questions.

Philly Science Institute
315 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Date & Time
November 28, 2018
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Registration from 8-9
Talks begin at 9
Lunch provided


9AM – 9:30AM

The JavaScript Landscape in 2019

From client-side apps to development tools like Webpack and servers written with NodeJS, to AWS lambdas and more, JavaScript is everywhere. Ken will make the case for becoming a JavaScript pro and explain areas you need to focus on.

Speaker: Ken Rimple

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9:45AM – 10:15AM

Experience the CHANGE – UX principles for JavaScript

We will cover a few of the foundational principles that JavaScript developers should consider when writing code for a UI and then talk through how those principles can be applied. Consistency, Hierarchy, Accessibility, Negative-Space, Grouping, and Error-treatment (CHANGE). Javascript is very powerful when it comes to creating front-end UIs and with that power comes the responsibility to make software that is not only functional but also provides a great experience for the user. While there are many more things that contribute to a great user experience, applying these simple principles will greatly reduce the “experience debt” of your UI.

Speaker: Peter Fleming

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10:30AM – 11:15AM

Angular: the big, the bad, the JS Overlord. Or, there’s an API for that…

Angular is the most popular “Batteries Included” front-end platform.

In this session, we’ll explore the major features of Angular, and why it may be the best choice for your enterprise.

We’ll take an honest look at what fits well with common Enterprise development scenarios, and what does not.

If you are not already intimately familiar with Angular, you should come away from this session better prepared
to evaluate and select a library / framework / platform for your Enterprise front-end development.

Speaker: Rich Freedman

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11:30AM – 12:15AM

React: lean, mean, travels in a pack with other APIs

Introduced in 2013, React’s rapid adoption by the front-end community is not something to be ignored. Unlike most other front-end frameworks available today, React is not a full end-to-end solution. While this may make it easier to introduce to an existing front-end, it can be hard to find your footing. This talk will dive into the evolution of React, its build system and popular libraries used for accomplishing routing, state management and testing.

Speaker: James Kent and Matt Gilbride

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12:15 – 12:45PM


12:45 – 1:30PM

Vue and VueX

Curious about the recently popular Vue SPA framework? This talk will give you the straight talk about how Vue is different and potentially useful for your emerging technology projects. We’ll discuss the framework, single-file components, the state engine, VueX, and more.

Speaker: Ken Rimple

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1:45PM – 2:30PM

Server Architectures with Node

Why should the browsers have all the fun? With Node, you can leverage your language skills across the backend as well. Take a dive into writing servers to support your SPA, issues peculiar to node, and pitfalls that may ensnare. We’ll look at core of v8, modules, promises/async, all the way up to client facing code using the Walmart stack (hapi, joi, boom, good, etc…)

Speaker: Jeff Labonski

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2:45PM – 3:30PM

DevOps / CI with JavaScript – what’s hot, what’s not?

If you write it it will break. When it breaks the customer will be sad. When the customer is sad you will be as well. We’ll explore code cleanliness, formatting, and linting as quality gates for developers. Expanding on this, continuous integration, unit tests and e2e testing ensure streamlined development, working code, and the beginning steps to Continuous Quality. Containerization brings repeatable deployments with immutable servers. Combine everything for development and delivery nirvana.

Speaker: Jeff Labonski

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3:45PM – 4:00PM

Hey there, it’s me, Spring… I do REST too!

Let’s say you’re an Enterprise developer moving over to Single Page App development, and you have a whole pile of old Java apps to enable? One of the best platforms for Java-based development is Spring Boot, and it just happens to support REST. Let’s talk about it for a few minutes, and look at our REST & WebSocket server implemented from a Spring perspective.

Speaker: Ken Rimple

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4:10PM – 4:45PM


A lively panel discussion where all of us answer your questions.

Moderator: Ken Rimple
Panel: All of our speakers

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Ken Rimple

Ken’s been working in client/server long before it became a “web thing”… Now that it’s come full circle, he’s focused on single-page applications, beginning with AngularJS 1.1. A consultant in Javascript and Java-related technologies, course developer, teacher, mentor, Ken has close to 30 years of experience in IT. He speaks, writes and teaches courses for Chariot Solutions.


Rich Freedman

A 10-year member of the Chariot Solutions family, Rich has 30 years of experience in enterprise software development, having consulted for startups, mid-size companies, government agencies, universities, and members of the Fortune 500. His work has been primarily with Java and JavaScript for the past 20 years.

Rich has been working with a local Ivy-League University for the past 2 years on their transition to Angular and SpringBoot, mentoring the university’s software development staff, and creating domain-specific reusable infrastructure to support the development of an array of applications.


James Kent

James is an experienced Consultant Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He has experience in creating large scale enterprise applications, developing custom enterprise software and coaching agile methodologies, and is interested in functional programming, distributed and reactive systems, domain modeling, continuous integration and testing.


Peter Fleming

Pete is an experienced product design leader who turns insights about people into positive impact for organizations. He has a wide range of experience, from building kick-ass design teams to nurturing a culture of innovation and evangelizing the role of design in business. Pete is also a non-profit board member, startup advisor, and lover of bikes & cheese.


Jeff Labonski

Jeff is a serial startup enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in software engineering, product development, and technology leadership. Having worked in companies in such varying sizes as 1 to 200,000 in verticals such as institutional forestry, intermodal freight, biometric satellite sensor fusion, telecommunications, transportation, and finance, he brings experience in wide variety of languages and platforms.


Matt Gilbride

Matt is a lifelong technology enthusiast. In his career as a consultant and software engineer, he has worked with a variety of technologies both old and new. He has experience in many facets of the software development lifecycle, but is most passionate about the nuts and bolts of engineering. While his current work centers around React, he is happy to nerd out with you about anything from distributed graph processing to the Philadelphia 76ers. #trusttheprocess