Business of Technology #4 – Gilt Groupe CTO Michael Bryzek on Gilt and Open Source

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Our fourth interview in the Business of Tech podcast series is with Gilt Groupe's CTO and co-founder, Michael Bryzek. Michael talks with us about a number of topics, including:

  • Early days of Gilt Groupe and adventures in database selection
  • Scaling out with Micro Services on the JVM
  • Traffic patterns, cyber Monday
  • Team ownership of Micro Services
  • Tech management hurdles – eliminate layers and make deploy to production easier
  • Advancing the industry by sharing lessons learned
  • Adoption of Scala and leveraging the JVM
  • Open source software contributions on GitHub – highlight: database Schema Evolution Manager and challenges with database deployments
    • Micro Services versus the challenge of "one big database"
    • The database schema as software deployments
  • Discussion on how Gilt is sharing open source – shed internal dependencies where possible and use open source tools

Gilt's technologists blog at and their projects exist on GitHub at