Business of Technology

Business of Technology #4 – Gilt Groupe CTO Michael Bryzek on Gilt and Open Source

In this interview with Gilt Groupe CTO Michael Bryzek, we discuss how the company started, the open source technologies they’ve used, and how their open source commitment has evolved. We take some time to talk about the scale of their operation, and how they leverage micro services as a way to make it more manageable and scalable in both infrastructure and human terms.

Business of Technology #2 – Susan McPherson Corporate Social Responsibility

Susan McPherson has always had a foot in the non-profit world. With a number of years in a board position on Business Council for Peace, and working with Fabian Cousteau to help people to understand the importance of the oceans, but at Fenton, she was able to start helping corporations use tools that NGOs normally … Read More

Business of Technology #1 – AnnMaria De Mars on using cloud tools for business

Host Tracey Welson-Rossman and I discuss Dr. De Mars’ history in remote working, from when she started by using modems, dial-up and tools like telnet and FTP, and today, with cloud-based services such as Google Apps and Dropbox. A good introduction for those who are not yet using cloud-based tools for their businesses, we discuss … Read More

BizCast #5 – Mobile Application Developer Seminar – Don Coleman on State of the Art

Today’s conference session is a talk from this week’s Mobile Application Developer seminar series, held by Chariot Solutions, in Philadelphia. The talk, “State of the Art for Mobile Application Development”, was given by Chariot’s Don Coleman, who develops both enterprise and mobile applications in a variety of platforms and languages.  In this talk, he surveys … Read More

BizCast #4 – Open Source Project Selection Part 2 with Joel Confino

In Part 1, Joel discussed licensing models.  In this episode, Joel and Ken talk about the other criteria in his selection process. Criteria License model Code Quality JavaNCSS – Free tool (and maven plugin) to analyze lines of code / number of methods, MCCabe metrics etc… JDepend – analyzes and checks for cyclic dependencies Runtime … Read More

BizCast #2 – KYW NewsRadio’s Steve Butler on Social Media

Steve Butler is the Program and News Director for KYW News Radio, a well-known AM news radio station broadcasting out of the Philadelphia region.  The station has adopted social media platforms such as Twitter and podcasting, in order to disseminate news items and provide longer-format content to their listeners.  Mr. Butler is interviewed by Tracey … Read More

BizCast #1 – Sean Blanda of

I had a great conversation with TechnicallyPhilly’s Sean Blanda last week. We talked about how the Philly IT scene is still lively, and about how he and his two compadres Brian James Kirk and Christopher Wink gather and write up news on their lively and informative website. Technically Philly covered our Philadelphia Emerging Tech show … Read More