TechCast #49 – Venkat Subramaniam on Groovy and Dynamic Languages

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Venkat Subramaniam is a widely acclaimed speaker, author, professor, and creator of Agile Developer, a mentoring and training company.

He joined us on the techcast to talk about programming using dynamic languages.  He is well known for his talks and book on the Groovy language, has just published a book on Scala, and discusses his philosophy for applying languages in our talk.

Mr. Subramaniam is speaking at the 2010 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise show, to be held on April 8-9 in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  To register, head over to


  1. Venkat’s web site –
  2. Examples of Testing with Groovy –
  3. A great book by Venkat on Programming Groovy
  4. Venkat’s Scala Book
  5. Java world Article on DSL

Music today was provided by (free theme #3 is our opener) and by Music Alley.  The takeout music was “Jazz Breakfast” from “Gecko 3”.  Warning – if you download it has a few explicit words mixed in, but it’s got a great groove!  Artist Information.