TechCast #71 – Brian Fox of Sonatype on Nexus 2

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Brian Fox is a longtime open source contributor, having worked on Maven 2 and overseeing the development of Maven 3. He is the VP of Engineering at Sonatype, and currently leads the Nexus repository project. The team has just released version 2.0, which includes support for the growing .NET open source community and the NUGET library manager.

We discuss the evolution of Maven and repository management, the Nexus repository manager, and key features in 2.0, such as the new smart proxy and the advent of Sonatype’s new repository license intelligence and health awareness.

Topics covered:

  • Maven 3.0 and futures
  • Maven central
  • Nexus repositories
  • Some Nexus architecture considerations
  • Nexus 2.0, repository abstractions, NUGET
  • Nexus Pro enhancements in 2.0

More information about Nexus and NuGet here.

Chariot is a Sonatype consulting and training partner.

Thanks to Brian for speaking to us today on the Techcast.

You can find Brian’s blog entries for Sonatype at Nexus is available at

You can find him on twitter at AT brian underscore fox, You can find out more information about Nexus at