Conference Session #4 – Joel Confino on Gaining Competitive Advantage with CI

Joel Confino is a long-time consultant at Chariot Solutions. He has spent the last four years working with a large enterprise, here named ABC Corporation, rolling out a new development platform and build process. Joel was one of two speakers at our event, which also included Sonatype’s Jason Van Zyl. Joel’s focus was building in … Read More

DevNews #46 – a bevy of Chariot blog entries for your developer fiber

Rebooting this podcast starting THIS WEEK!  I hope to have one developer news every other week, starting today. This summer has been anything but a vacation, with our training exploding and me spending lots of time in the classroom. I’ve also penned two updates to Spring Roo in Action, so I’ve been pretty busy. But … Read More

ETE 2012 – Trevor Lalish-Menagh – JavaScript Testing: Completing the BDD Circle in Web Development

From the abstract: Martin Flower states that the definition of legacy code is code without tests. You test your server-side code, but if you are working on a site with a fair amount of non-trivial JavaScript (ajax call, extensive callbacks, etc.) you really should be testing your JavaScript as well. All the untested JavaScript code … Read More

TechCast #71 – Brian Fox of Sonatype on Nexus 2

Brian Fox is a longtime open source contributor, having worked on Maven 2 and overseeing the development of Maven 3. He is the VP of Engineering at Sonatype, and currently leads the Nexus repository project. The team has just released version 2.0, which includes support for the growing .NET open source community and the NUGET library manager.

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Growing Up with Jenkins/Hudson, Nexus, and Sonar, Part 1

In my previous post I explained why I think you should use Jenkins (or his twin Hudson), Nexus, and Sonar to super-charge your Maven builds. To summarize, Jenkins is a continuous integration server that runs your builds, Nexus is an artifact repository that versions and stores your jars/wars/zips/etc, and Sonar is a metrics server that … Read More

Configuring LogBack in Roo

Gordon Dickens, one of our trainers and architects, recently posted this on his Technophile Blog, on Roo. LogBack is the more versatile logging strategy created by the same person that created log4j. Use the following steps to configure your Roo 1.1 project to use LogBack. 1. Create a logback.xml file in src/main/resources Continue here for … Read More

BizCast #4 – Open Source Project Selection Part 2 with Joel Confino

In Part 1, Joel discussed licensing models.  In this episode, Joel and Ken talk about the other criteria in his selection process. Criteria License model Code Quality JavaNCSS – Free tool (and maven plugin) to analyze lines of code / number of methods, MCCabe metrics etc… JDepend – analyzes and checks for cyclic dependencies Runtime … Read More

Making the Most of Maven: Nexus, Hudson, Sonar

Maven is a build tool. I like Maven because it supports dependency management, consistent builds and a modular code base. But if you are just using Maven without using Nexus, Hudson, Sonar you are really missing out on a lot of goodness. Nexus is a Maven repository manager, Hudson is a CI server, and Sonar … Read More

DevNews #16 – Hush huh, Py Py, Hush Hush Maven-I, HTML 5 (sing it!)

Your bi-(hopefully)weekly dish of developer news, served up fresh and hot.  Well, ok, one day later than originally recorded. An un-expergated version of the links is available at Links My Common Git Workflow – PyPy – what a name – Python written in Python.  How very meta of you! Django 1.2.1 released – now … Read More