TechCast #87 – ETE Speaker Colin Eberhardt Talks Swift & Reactive Cocoa

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Colin Eberhardt is a 2015 Philly Emerging Tech speaker who will address Swift and ReactiveCocoa. Swift debuted last year as a replacement developer language for Objective-C on apple’s platforms. ReactiveCococa is a framework developed by GitHub to handle any kind of asynchronous activity in the Cocoa platform. Colin makes the case that while Swift is a good leap forward for the language, investing time in learning ReactiveCocoa can bring even more productivity and rewards in a unified way to handle event-driven background processing.

Colin will be a speaker at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. Learn more about this developer-friendly, Chariot-sponsored conference here.

Today we discussed:

  • Colin’s background, and where he works at ScottLogic in the UK
  • His talk topic at ETE – Swift – a new, “more elegant” language for programming on Apple devices
  • A bit of history behind Reactive Cocoa, and how Swift has brought out the best in it
  • How Reactive Cocoa makes existing frameworks better
  • Reactive Cocoa’s signals
  • Swift’s developer community
  • Reactive Cocoa’s promises and futures and how they are “baked into” the Java language.



Colin’s two-part tutorial on Reactive Cocoa: