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TechChat Tuesdays #50: ETE 2022 Keynote, Elizabeth Adams

It’s our 50th episode! We welcome an extraordinary guest, Elizabeth Adams! Elizabeth Adams was one of our keynote speakers at Philly ETE 2022 this year. She is the Global Chief AI Culture & Ethics Officer of Women in AI, and a Forbes “15 AI Ethics Leaders Showing The World The Way Of The Future.” Host … Read More

TechCast #88 – ETE Speaker Mike Hartington Talks Swift, Ionic, and more

Ionic is a cordova-based mobile application development framework. Using AngularJS as the core web framework, sass for CSS simplification, and the ngCordova library, Ionic makes building cross-device applications easier. We talked to Mike about Drifty’s earlier tools such as Codiqa, how they came up with Ionic, and about its use of Angular and other technologies. … Read More

TechCast #87 – ETE Speaker Colin Eberhardt Talks Swift & Reactive Cocoa

Colin Eberhardt is a 2015 Philly Emerging Tech speaker who will address Swift and ReactiveCocoa. Swift debuted last year as a replacement developer language for Objective-C on apple’s platforms. ReactiveCococa is a framework developed by GitHub to handle any kind of asynchronous activity in the Cocoa platform. Colin makes the case that while Swift is … Read More

TechCast #74 – Part 1 – An interview with Rod Johnson on the Spring Framework and Scala

This interview is a walk through the lead up to and the creation of the Spring Framework with no founder Rod Johnson. Recently, Rod left the company sponsoring Spring, VMware Corporation, and joined up as a board member of TypeSafe to advise them on the future of Scala and other projects. The podcast, then, is … Read More

TechCast #73 – An interview with itext Founder Bruno Lowagie

This techcast episode features the open source PDF API developer Bruno Lowagie. His iText library has been used by many Java developers. One of the earier open-source Java APIs, iText was originally written to provide PDF version 1.3-compliant output. This was not the first API that Bruno created to handle PDF, as we’ll hear in … Read More

ETE 2010: Cloud Keynote Speech w/Michael Coté of Redmonk now available

We’ve just published our Friday, April 9 keynote speech with Michael Coté of RedMonk. You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the direct link for iPadders, or via the embedded player: the link for iPadders… RedMonk an industry analyst firm that covers cloud computing and mobile application development, among other areas.  They deliver … Read More

Chariot TechCast #45 Transcript – Ben Alex on Roo

Chariot Solutions TechCast #45 – An interview with SpringSource’s Ben Alex on the SpringSource Roo project. Disclosure: SpringSource is a Chariot partner Transcription provided by Jo Middleditch (mconsult at [Ken Rimple] – Welcome to the show. I’m Ken Rimple. This week we feature SpringSource’s Ben Alex. One of the founders of SpringSource, Ben created … Read More

Chariot TechCast #42 – Couch DB

Up this week we have Chariot’s Eric Snyder, a consultant with a background in traditional Java/Spring as well as dynamic platforms such as Ruby/Rails and Python. Here is a quick teaser. You can download the full episode here.