TechCast #88 – ETE Speaker Mike Hartington Talks Swift, Ionic, and more

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Ionic is a cordova-based mobile application development framework. Using AngularJS as the core web framework, sass for CSS simplification, and the ngCordova library, Ionic makes building cross-device applications easier. We talked to Mike about Drifty’s earlier tools such as Codiqa, how they came up with Ionic, and about its use of Angular and other technologies.

Mike will be a speaker at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. Learn more about this developer-friendly, Chariot-sponsored conference here.

We talk to Mike about:

  • His work with Drifty, the company behind the Ionic framework, and who are interface builders using BootStrap and jQuery mobile
  • How to interact with Swift using the CLI tool, built on top of Node, to start brainstorming your application’s structure
  • Using cross-origin calls using Swift proxies
  • Customizing Swift using Angular directives and the sass files that Swift has developed
  • Cordova concepts for Native plugins
  • Working with ngCordova module to inject Bionic to make your project easier to manage
  • “Platform continuity” in customization in Swift based on different platforms’ (iOS, Android) stylistic details
  • Where the Angular 2 platform is