TechCast #96 – Philly ETE Happy Hour Chat

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In this episode of the TechCast, Ken Rimple and Sujan Kapadia talk to five speakers of Philly ETE – Mike Hartington of Drifty, Jeff Labonski of Chariot Solutions, Martin Snyder of Wingspan, Alex Miller, co-author of Clojure Applied and organizer of The Strange Loop conference, and Andrea Falcone of Twitter.

We wanted to give you a cross-section of our speakers in a given conference year, and this group definitely covers a good range.

You can learn more about Philly ETE, the developer-friendly, Chariot-sponsored conference here.

We Talk To:

  • Mike Hartington (@mhartington) about the time frame of Ionic 2, a mobile framework that makes it incredibly easy to build interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS. We also talk about how Ionic 2 coincides with the Angular 2 beta releases.
  • Martin Snyder (@MartinSnyder) about delivering agile methodologies in hostile work environments.
  • Jeff Labonski, a vetted startup founder, about the pitfalls of technology selection for businesses, some anti-patterns to avoid, and the importance of always having backup plans for your development team.
  • Alex Miller (@puredanger) about the steady growth and future of Clojure and ClojureScript. We also get into the best beginner books for learning Clojure: Clojure Applied (which he co-authored), Clojure for the Brave and True, and Living Clojure.
  • Andrea Falcone (@asfalcone) about the vast productivity that Fabric and Fastlane offers mobile development teams, and how it gets Android and iOS apps onto the market faster.

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