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TechCast #26 – Andy Hunt on Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

Andy Hunt is co-founder (along with Dave Thomas) of the Pragmatic Programmers.  Their seminal book, The Pragmatic Programmer, gave every developer a nudge, and started their publishing company, The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Andy’s latest book (his seventh) is Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, Refactoring your Wetware.  His keynote at 2009 Philly Emerging Tech covered topics from the book, and was a fantastic walk down memory lane (sorry, couldn’t resist).  Seriously, folks, his talk was all about maximizing your ability to learn and…

TechCast #25 – Emmanuel Bernard on Bean Validation JSR-303 and Hibernate Search

In this podcast, we speak to JBoss’s Emmanuel Bernard on the future of validation using JSR-303, the Bean Validation framework. JSR-303 aims to provide an annotation-driven mechanism to mark plain old java beans with annotations, such as @NotNull, @Min, @Max, and can support custom validation annotations as well. JSR-303 is part of the Java EE 6 suite of JSRs and will be used automatically out of the box by frameworks such as JSF 2.0. Emmanuel also goes into some detail…

TechCast #24 – Dan Allen on Seam, Part 2

Last Thursday I had an opportunity to sit down with Dan Allen and talk about the Seam Framework.  Dan was a great resource for learning about Seam.  This is the second of a two-part interview, where we focus on the future of Java EE 6, including JSR-299, formerly known as WebBeans, and how Seam will change as the Java EE specification evolves.  We also discuss varying front-end technologies such as Flex and AJAX, and a bit about workflow. Resources we…

TechCast #23 – Dan Allen on Seam, Part 1

Last Thursday I had an opportunity to sit down with Dan Allen and talk about the Seam Framework.  Dan was a great resource for learning about Seam.  This is the first of a two-part interview, where we focus on the Seam framework itself, how it differs from Spring and other frameworks, and how it marries JSF and POJO as well as EJB components, providing a stateful view of the world and making programming easier for APIs such as Java Persistence….

TechCast #22 – Chris Richardson on Cloud Foundry

Today, I speak to San Fransisco based consultant Chris Richardson, author of Manning’s POJOs in Action, and creator of Cloud Tools and Cloud Foundry, both tools created to simplify working with Amazon Web Services for Java and Grails applications. Chris and I speak about the growth of Cloud Computing, as well about his projects.  We also discuss the increased adoption of Groovy and Grails as a rapid development platform. Pertinent links: Amazon Web Services Cloud Tools Cloud Foundry Grails Thanks…

TechCast #21 – SpringOne Conference Redux, Day 2

Day two of SpringOne is recapped here by our three Chariot consultants in the field:  Rich Freedman (greybeardedgeek.net), Michael Pigg and Dmitry Sklyut (itdependstm.blogspot.com) all give us their take on the sessions of the day.  Topics covered include the Spring Tomcat server offering, Spring DM, the keynote, Spring MVC, upcoming Java EE features in Spring 3.x, and more.

TechCast #20 – SpringOne Conference Recap, Day 1

Chariot is bringing you coverage from the 2008 SpringOne show floor. This initial podcast, recorded today with Rich Freedman, reviews the Rod Johnson keynote, including Spring 3.0 features, the upcoming “Application Configurator” and more.

TechCast #19 – Cloud Computing Panel Redux

Today’s podcast is a redux of last Friday’s “Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds” panel discussion. Moderated by Ken Rimple (me), our guests were Kortina, a Google App / EC2 Developer Chris Richardson, author of Manning’s POJOs in Action and developer of CloudTools, an EC2 deployment framework Chris Cera, CTO of Vuzit, an Amazon EC2 / S3-based product for managing various document formats online Toby DiPasquale – a long-time user of Amazon EC2 and S3 The panel discussed various aspects…

TechCast #18 – Interview with Dan Diephouse of MuleSource

This podcast interview features Dan Diephouse of MuleSource.  We talk about his work on XFire, CXF and his current efforts with Mule.  We discuss WS-* and REST, and other web service integration issues. Time is running out to sign up for the Chariot sponsored Cloud Computing Conference, Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds on October 17th, 2008 at the Penn State Great Valley campus in the western Philadelphia suburbs. For more information about this and other Chariot Tech Cast shows,…

TechCast #17 – Interview with James Ward of Adobe Systems on Flex

If anyone has been listening since our very first Podcast, we covered flex way back in February with our own Peter Paugh.  But when we had an opportunity to talk to James Ward of Adobe, a Flex evangelist and someone passionate about Flex as well as Java development, we jumped at the chance. James was a great interview, a fantastic source of information, and will be a good listen.  We talk about Flex, Flex Builder, the open sourcing of various…

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