ETE 2012 – Chris Richardson – SQL? NoSQL? NewSQL?!? What’s a Java developer to do?

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From the abstract:

The database world is undergoing a major upheaval. NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra are emerging as a compelling choice for many applications. They can simplify the persistence of complex data models and offering significantly better scalability and performance. But these databases have a very different and unfamiliar data model and APIs as well as a limited transaction model. Moreover, the relational world is fighting back with so-called NewSQL databases such as VoltDB, which by using a radically different architecture offers high scalability and performance as well as the familiar relational model and ACID transactions. Sounds great but unlike the traditional relational database you can’t use JDBC and must partition your data.

In this presentation you will learn about popular NoSQL databases – MongoDB, and Cassandra – as well at VoltDB. We will compare and contrast each database’s data model and Java API using NoSQL and NewSQL versions of a use case from the book POJOs in Action. We will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using NoSQL and NewSQL databases.