Philly ETE 2019 – Aaron Mulder – Zero to Serverless in 45 Minutes

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So I have this production AngularJS on Java/Spring REST app. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth. I mean, how many Internet Dog Years ago was that? It would work better as a cloud-native app — faster to load, cheaper to run, more reliable, let them do all the maintenance work, HTTPS out of the box, all that good stuff. It would also be nice to have a fresher UI, but I can’t attack the whole thing at once. I’m going to start by moving the back end to the cloud, and only adjusting the UI as much as absolutely necessary.

What does that mean? I could just lift and shift — run my Java server and my MySQL database on cloud boxes instead of local ones. That would be quick and easy and work fine — and gain me virtually nothing, except a really big EC2 bill. Yeah, forget that.

Instead, I’m going to throw Java and Spring out the window, and rebuild it as a proper serverless app using AWS. Lambda behind API Gateway for the REST interface, CloudFront for distribution/SSL/CORS avoidance, RDS database, Cognito authentication, S3 for static Web content and generated file storage, SES for e-mails, SQS for, well, print jobs (but they have to stay Java; it’s a long story)… Bottom line, I’m going to switch the back end of a real and non-trivial app over to AWS lock, stock, and barrel.

About Aaron Mulder

Aaron Mulder is responsible for the design and deployment of technical development standards, policies and style guidelines. He maintains structured workflow between project leaders and developers, and mentors lead developers and architects. In addition, Mr. Mulder supports marketing and sales efforts through public and private speaking engagements.

Mr. Mulder has been working with Java technology since its inception. He has worked on applets, applications, and Web applications using Java, J2EE, and Ruby on Rails. Mr. Mulder has led the architecture of numerous large projects. His responsibilities have spanned all facets of the development process, including defining and documenting requirements, design and architecture, development, testing, performance tuning, security analysis, and deployment. He has established and maintained development and demo environments, custom tools, developer documentation, and training materials. He has also trained and mentored new developers in traditional and lightweight Java/J2EE, Rails, and SOA, covering design, development, tools, and best practices.

Mr. Mulder is a published author on topics such as WebLogic Server and EJB. He has worked with Java Community Process spec committees including JSR-88, and repeatedly presented at numerous conferences including JavaOne, TheServerSide Java Symposium, ApacheCon, the Enterprise Open Source Conference, the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference, and more. He has directly contributed to many open source projects, including Apache projects such as Geronimo, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, OpenEJB, and XBean, as well as other projects including JBoss and PostgreSQL.

Prior to joining Chariot Solutions, Mr. Mulder has worked for a number of technology firms, including Skylight Systems, Olliance Inc., EMAX Solution Partners, and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), as well as completing several specific Java contracts. Mr. Mulder graduated from Princeton University with a B.S.E. degree in Aerospace Engineering, and a certificate in Physics.