Philly ETE 2021 — ClojureScript in the Age of TypeScript — David Nolen

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At, ClojureScript accelerates and radically simplifies the development of a new kind of digital key for one the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. With one language, we can wrangle iOS, Android, and copious amounts of custom native code, all without ever losing the ability to “jack-in” via a REPL to inject some jetfuel into the software development cycle.

So while the rest of world migrates yet again to the been-there-done-that of mainstream typed programming, ClojureScript remains the secret weapon of those on the search for shipping simpler, better software faster.

About David Nolen

David Nolen has spoken around the world about various topics around functional programming, including using it to radically simplify the development of rich user interfaces. He has worked for startups, art museums, and newsrooms. For the past ten years he has contributed heavily to open source libraries and tools in the Clojure(Script) community, including leading the ClojureScript project itself. When not hacking on Lisp, he spend his time playing guitar, experimenting with modular synthesizers, and trying to plumb the mysteries of the game Go.

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