15 Minutes With: Keith Gregory on Building a Data Pipeline for Better Business Operations

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Clickstream data – the behavior data collected from a user’s path through a website or app – is often used for business intelligence reports. It helps many companies answer questions like, ‘which of my products are people adding to their cart?’ or ‘What does our online purchase funnel look like?’

But our AWS Practice Lead, Keith Gregory, argues that this data can also be used to make business operations smoother, or introduce entirely new procedures.

In this interview, Keith breaks down how his team implemented a new data pipeline for a sportsbook betting application, connecting their brick-and-mortar rewards program to their virtual users. He walks through the process of collecting the data, cleaning the data, and correctly funneling it to the correct places – all while maintaining observability and reliability.

The result? A feature that added a billion dollars of valuation to the client business, and a source of pride for the Chariot team that made it happen.

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