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15 Minutes With: Edwige Robinson on Mobile Strategy

Tracey Welson-Rossman talks to Edwige Robinson, the Vice President of Mobile Engineering Services at Comcast. What advice does Edwige have for businesses interested in bringing their product or service to phones, either via app or responsive website? What should be considered when planning a well-rounded mobile strategy? And once the mobile solution is implemented, how do you use customer data and behavior insights to make better, more informed business decisions?

IoT Fusion – Digital Transformation via the Promise of IoT – Danilo Diaz

Digital Transformation is something most organizations are talking about and few are implementing. The reality is that many organizations are not realizing the full potential that a digital transformation can bring, whether through new products or services, new found efficiencies, and/or new ways to engage their customers. The Digital Transformation journey starts by unlocking innovations … Read More