Philly ETE Screencast #3 – Ken Schwaber – The Path to Agility


From Ken Schwaber’s abstract – “The move is on. More and more organizations are abandoning waterfall and opting for agility. The benefits are overwhelming, documented by Standish Group, the GAO, and DOD. Lately, two approaches to becoming agile have emerged. One is SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), an agile template that can somewhat readily be overlaid … Read More

TechCast ETE 2013 Session #1 – The ETE Javascript Frameworks Panel

Our first podcast from Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise is our Javascript frameworks panel. Led by Robert Hansen, author of GWT in Action and host of our prior Web Framework shootout in 2011, it includes developers who contribute to Meteor, Backbone, Ember and AngularJS, four Javascript frameworks that cover the gamut between all-in one … Read More

Philly ETE 2013 – Philly Enterprise Hackathon Kickoff – $125k in prizes for a month of hacking


This session announces the beginning of a landmark hack-a-thon in the Philadelphia community, which involves several industries looking to reach out and engage our community’s open-source software developers. Any interested group of developers looking to build an open source product, but without a specific target, can participate. Please review the rules in the video and … Read More