DevNews #74 – Our 2013 recap, 2014 guesses and much more

Ken and Joel give their “predictions” and “recap” of 2014, which is purely their version, but somebody’s got to do it. Also, we talk tools for testing in NodeJS, namely Mocha and Chai, some linux and regex visualization websites, a < $300 ChromeBook announced by Toshiba at CES, writing and posting HTML content on GitHub using gh_pages, and more.

DevNews #70 – Droids and flying robots taking over the world and Scala.JS

Lots of tech news available today, none of it (well aside from DNA crunching) needs an advanced degree! We have news on Typesafe’s Jamie Allen’s keynote at JAXEnter 2013 in London, two robot stories, a tale about lost bitcoins, DNA Analysis in Javascript, and Githubs expanding contexts for diffs. Also, Joel brings us a review of his first impressions with Ember.js and micro-services are exploding – what does that mean for the enterprise CTO / CIO who bets on that strategy? Find out by listening… It’s all here in the DevNews.

DevNews #46 – a bevy of Chariot blog entries for your developer fiber

Rebooting this podcast starting THIS WEEK!  I hope to have one developer news every other week, starting today. This summer has been anything but a vacation, with our training exploding and me spending lots of time in the classroom. I’ve also penned two updates to Spring Roo in Action, so I’ve been pretty busy. But … Read More

DevNews #13 – Cassandra likes the Groovy Python Migration Script!

Lots of topics this week.  Shownotes are available on as well. Submit your story ideas as tag “devnewsideas” and we’ll look for them before each show. South 0.7 Released Python 2.7 Release The future of CSS: The Flexible Box Model MGG 254: Storage, AirDisk, 10.6.3 Woes, SD Cards, and WebKit Groovy 1.7.2 – Three … Read More