Single Page Application Day – The JavaScript Landscape in 2019 – Ken Rimple

This talk was given at Chariot Solutions’ 2018 event, Single Page Application Day. View Presentation View the code from Single Page Application Day on GitHub Abstract From client-side apps to development tools like Webpack and servers written with NodeJS, to AWS lambdas and more, JavaScript is everywhere. Ken will make the case for becoming a … Read More

Philly ETE 2017 #42 – Avoiding React Performance Pitfalls – Alex Grigoryan

When @WalmartLabs built Electrode, the React/Node.js application platform that powers the customer experience, performance was one of our primary concerns. React’s use of a virtual DOM and support for server-side rendering have earned it a reputation for speed, but in building our platform we encountered several unexpected performance bottlenecks. In this talk, we’ll discuss … Read More