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PhoneGap Tutorial Series – #1 Project Structure and Internals

Heidi Utley, one of the members of our mobile practice, has been working with PhoneGap for one of our clients. She decided to create a series of posts focusing on using PhoneGap for iPhone development. This first one discusses the project structure.  Future posts will review the PhoneGap API, installing a third party plugin, and … Read More

Xcode3 – Debugging iOS Unit Tests

A recent blog post by Hiedi Utley (no, she is not related to our knee challenged second baseman), Chariot’s newest team addition.  Hiedi has been working in our mobile practice.  She reviews some of the challenges of being a Java developer and moving to an iOS environment. Here is an excerpt from this post: So … Read More

Mobile Design Part 3

The next installment of Kevin Griffin’s blog on Mobile Design. Cognitive Effort. In this installment of my thoughts on mobile design, I thought we would take a look at the concept of ‘cognitive effort’. I think I first heard that term used in reference to design from William Van Hecke (@fetjuel) when he spoke at … Read More

Philly ETE 2011 mobile line up!

This post is via Kevin Griffin, Chariot Architect and committee chair of the Mobile tract for ETE: Philly ETE 2011 mobile line up! Just thought I would post an update on the current lineup for Philly ETE. I’ve been involved in helping get the mobile track lineup sorted out and so far we have confirmed … Read More

Executing JavaScript from Objective-C in an iOS App

New blog post from Steve Smith, one of the Chariot architects working in our mobile practice. Steve is currently working on updating the mobile app for our Emerging Technologies conference and will be posting articles from time to time as he finds challenges or discoveries. Here is an excerpt: The other day, I found the … Read More

Android Development: Best Practices

Thanks to Anatoly Polinsky for another blog post. I got introduced to an Android application development during Philly ETE conference by listening to “A guided tour of the Android ETE mobile application” talk, where Andrew Oswald (a Java Architect from Chariot Solutions) talked about creating an Android app for the conference, which was a cool … Read More

An Introduction to Mobile Device Detection

One of our architects, Steve Smith, recently posted this on his blog: These days, there are many ways to browse the internet.  There are desktop browsers, mobile phone browsers, tablets, tablet/phones (e.g. Dell Streak), etc. all with different screen sizes, resolution, and capabilities.  How do you render an appropriate view optimized for the device accessing … Read More

NFC. What does it all mean?

NFC: Near Field Communications: a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 centimeter (around 4 inches) distance (via Wikipedia). Well that’s great, but what does it mean, especially when mentioned in conjunction with Gingerbread? As you may (or may not) have heard this week … Read More

Post Presentation Thoughts from our Mobile Seminar

Kevin Griffin was one of the presenters at our first Mobile Seminar Breakfast. Below is a recap of his thoughts after he finished his presentation. “Yesterday I presented at the first in a series of events for Chariot Solutions, the topic was ‘Mobile Design Concepts’. My goal was to try present things that I had … Read More

Mobile Musings from June

June has been a busy month for mobile, primarily because of Apple’s launch of iOS4 and the new iPhone (antenna woes and all). However, presenting an update on that would be too easy; here are a few things you might have missed in all the hubbub. CNET reported that merely weeks after Microsoft launch of … Read More