Android Intents with Kotlin

This past fall, I became part of the Ray Wenderlich tutorial team for Android. As part of that team, we are updating the existing Android tutorials using Kotlin along with the latest Android tool set. My first assignment was to update the Intents tutorial. What is an Intent you ask? Well, Intents and Intent Filters … Read More

Mobile App Development: Consider the Cost, Not Just the Price!

Introduction When we are talking to customers, either new or existing, we often get asked about the best way to develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS. For many years the options were native versus hybrid. More recently these options have become more complex. The typical reason we get asked this question is that … Read More

Android's RecyclerView done Kotlin style

Chariot’s own Rod Biresch is part of the Ray Wenderlich tutorial team. One of his first tasks was to take the original tutorial from Ray Wenderlich’s site and converted it to Kotlin and updated it for the latest Android tool set. A RecyclerView can be thought of as a combination of a ListView and a … Read More

Not sure about Kotlin on Android?

I’ve been developing in Java for over 17 years on both client and server side. I don’t get involved with the JVM-based “language wars”, quietly frankly it’s because I’m not overly passionate about programming languages. That’s not to say that I don’t have preferences or enjoy languages it’s just that I choose not to put … Read More

Large Titles For Navigation Bars In iOS 11

If you have played with iOS 11 either on a simulator or on a real device, you have probably noticed that most of the first party apps, such as Mail and Settings, use large titles in the navigation bar. We are going to look at how to implement the same navigation bar behavior in our apps.

Changing your iOS App Icon programatically

When iOS 10.3 was released, Apple opened up an API to allow developers to change the app icon for their app programatically. Of course this doesn’t mean you can change it every second like the Clock app, or even every day like the Calendar app. What you can do is change the app icon when … Read More

Handling Keyboard Shortcuts In iOS

The keyboard is an enormously important piece of hardware. The keyboard lets us increase efficiency while using an app by typing faster. It also gives iOS apps the ability to support shortcuts, which increases productivity even more. Common tasks for apps would be greatly benefited by allowing shortcuts, especially on an iPad, by allowing the user to keep their hands on the keyboard.

Philly ETE 2017 #28 – The Physical Web – Don Coleman

The Physical Web promises quick and seamless digital interaction with nearby physical objects and locations. Objects and places use beacons to broadcast information and content. Your phone discovers web pages associated with the space around you. You choose the most useful pages. This talk will cover the concepts behind The Physical Web, details about the … Read More

Implementing Drag and Drop in iOS 11 Part 2 – Handling The Drag

At WWDC Apple announced that iOS 11 will now support Drag and Drop. This works not only within an app, but also from one app to another. Dragging between apps is only supported on iPads. This tutorial will walk through how to implement exporting data via Drag and Drop.